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Hans Raj Hans to debut with his two sons Yuvraj and Navraj

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The most honourable and well known Sufi singer Hans Raj Hans is planning to make a remarkable movie with his loving two sons Yuvraj and Navraj.

Yuvraj Hans stated in his statement that “We are planning a film with our father and Navraj. Yuvraj Hans has been consistently performing in two Punjabi movies and had proved to be a good actor. Yuvraj says “I am very selective in my choices of film, which is way maybe you saw me only two films so far in my career that started four year ago.” , “It is not as if I am not getting offers. But the truth is, there was nothing excited being offered. And I didn’t want to just grab anything and everything that came to my way just to be seen around. I am not that insecure.”

Yuvraj has also currently signed two of more upcoming Punjabi movies for which shooting will be started shortly. He also shared few things about one of his upcoming Punjabi movies ” This film, where I play the solo hero, is untitled still and is set in a different theme. By doing this film I want to prove that experimental cinema can also work and work well at that. Let’s not blame the audiences for bas cinema just because they go to see it.Punjabi films are made accordance with the producer’s choice. Hence, both the actor and director have very little freedom to design their own careers.”

It’ll be a great pleasure to watch Hans Raj Hans acting in a Punjabi movie along with his two sons Yuvraj and Navraj.

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