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Ravinder Grewal – Biography

ravinder grewal

Great personality singer- Ravinder Grewal was born on 28th of March 1979 in the village of Gujjarwal in Ludhiana Distt. of Punjabi.

Ravinder Grewal while he was in school, started singing at the age of 14. He started performing as professionals at the age of 17.Jaidev Singh Jassowal gave him the opportunity to perform at Prof.Mohan Singh Mela in Ludhiana and from then his fame started. That was his first major appearance in front of ¾ millions of audience.

Ravinder Grewal was able to won the hearts of every young plus old and became one of the household names immediately. The uniqueness in his voice set him apart from traditional Punjabi voice of Past Generations.

Ravinder Grewal’s songs were liked by each and every Bhangra lover and were played in every party and wedding all around. He have huge fan following not just in India but abroad too.

Ravinder Grewal’ s personal interest are Singing, Horse Riding, Travelling abs watching movies.

He recorded his very first album ‘Prahran Naanke La Ti’ in 1995. The music of the album was directed by Tejwant Kito.

He made his very first trip abroad to “Hong Kong” in 1998.

Ravinder Grewal recorded and produced his first Television video in 2000.

In 2003, he came to Toronto,Canada to celebrate Punjabi Day and performed in front of 60 thousand people in Wonderland which was super hit.

He made his first trip to America in 2005 and had a concert in New York. Ravinder Grewal has also went to Australia, New Zealand, Italy , England, etc.

According to his fans in Los Angeles , he is the ‘Best Punjabi Singer’ and performer out of Punjabi today.

Ravinder Grewal debuted in Punjabi movie ‘Raula Pe Gaya’ under his own production house- Ravinder Grewal Production.

Ravinder Grewal has sung songs with lyrics that are liked and loved by everyone around. He also had sung several religious songs as well.

Ravinder Grewal is one of the respected and loving singer of the Punjab with attractive personality and great style of turban.

Famous songs by Ravinder Grewal

  • Tedi Pagg Walia from album Kharka-Darka
  • Kharka-Darka from album Kharka-Darka
  • Taaria Di Lo from album Kharka-Darka
  • Botal Wargi Tu from album Raula Pai Gaya
  • Mitran Da Na Lagda from album Gabroo Shokeen

Albums by Ravinder Grewal

  • Prahran Naanke La Ti
  • Aaja Ni Aaja
  • Aj Din Shagna Da
  • Botal Wargi Tu
  • Cadbury
  • Fansi
  • Gabroo Shokeen
  • Gulabi Pagg Ban Mita
  • Haye Meri Billo
  • Hatt Piche
  • Haye Mera Dil
  • Ik Din
  • Ishq Tere Di Lor
  • Jaan
  • Jattan De Munde
  • Kharka-Darka
  • Mehfil Mitra Dr
  • Naal Nach Lei
  • Raula Pai Gaya
  • Teri Haan Ch Haan
  • Teri Meri Jodi

Religious Album by Ravinder Grewal

  • Aaveen Baba Nanaka
  • Eh Hai Khalsa
  • Guru Maneyo Granth
  • Parnam Shaheedan Nu


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