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Sadda Haq Banned In Punjab & Chandigarh

Punjabi movie Sadda Haq banned by the Punjab Government on the event of its release across theatres in Punjab.

The step to ban the movie has been taken to “maintain communal harmony” in the state.

Sadda Haq movie tries to present the the problems of Punjab due to riots and terrorism in 1980.The movie is inspired by the true events that took place in Punjbai during 80’s and 90’s and is going to present a true picture of those moments.

Sadda Haq banned In Punjab

Sadda Haq Punjabi movie is based on the real life events that took place during Khalistan movement. According to the producer of the movie Kuljinder sidhu, the movie is based on the dark days of militancy in Punjab and is an attempt to portray what prompted young men in the state to trend the path of terrorism.

The movie had to face criticism that it seeks to glorify the Khalistan movement and military leaders like Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

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