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Sajjan-The Real Freind Movie Review

SAJJAN - the real friend

Movie: Sajjan-The Real Freind
Star Casts: K.S. Makhan, Sanvi Dhiman, Simran Sachdeva, Mani Kapoor, Prakash Gadhu, Reet Sandhu and Dilip Tahil
Directed by Sunil Taneja
Produced by Kuldeep Singh Takhar
Music by Bhinda Aujla and Aman Hayer

Sajjan-The Real Freind Movie Review: Story

Sajjan-The real friend is the second debut of Punjabi singer K.S. Makhan. The movie is a story about a village boy Sajjan played by K.S. Makhan who shifts to canada after getting married with a girl Jassi (Simran Sachdeva) having citizenship of Canada. Jassi’s mother is really very angry with her as she married a villager. And she tries every possible trick to separate the both and finally she succeeds. And then he indulges in problems with underworl

Sajjan-The Real Freind Movie Review: Director

Sunil Taneja as a director of the movie was ok-ok. There was nothing extra odinary. Hetired to form Canda in Punjab but drastically failed in his practice.

Sajjan-The Real Freind Movie Review: Dialogues and Screenplay

Dialogues of the movie are really very strange. The screenplay of the movie was also not upto the level. The was not at all steady. You couldn’t understand what’s happening due to speedy changes.

Sajjan-The Real Friend Movie Review: Actors

On the grounds of acting the star cast of the movie failed. K.S Makhan’s acting did not made any sort of impact on the audience. You can easily find that they are actually acting and unnatural.

Sajjan-The real friend movie in short can be said that it is made on no grounds. The complete story of the movie has no sense or logic. The movie is completlu ruined.

Rating: 1.5 Out of 5

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